Integrated Project with four actions

Project Title: Integrated Project with four actions: 1) Supply running water and the capture station in villages Lunca and Nemtisor 2) Wastewater treatment plant and sewerage in the villages Lunca and Nemtisor 3) Community Social Infrastructure Modernization in Vinatori-Neamt village by renovating existing building, foundation and endowment space for the educational program “after school” 4) Promoting local culture through traditional-folk ensemble “Dor Vinatorean” in the village Vinatori-Neamt
Stage: Completed (18.06.2010 – 18.06.2014)
Total value: Eligible value: 10.556.800 (ron) – 2.499.361 (euro);
Non-eligible value: 2.008.170 (ron) – 475.442 (euro);
Total value: 12.564.970 (ron) –  2.974.802 (euro)WATER: Total eligible value: 4.461.540 (ron); Non-eligible:750 (ron); TVA: 847.840 (ron); Total value including TVA: 5.310.130 (ron);

SANITATION:  Total eligible value: 5.891.560 (ron); Non-eligible: 750 (ron); TVA:1.119.540 (ron); Total value including TVA: 7.011.850 (ron)

SOCIAL: Eligible: 133.770 (ron); Non-eligible: 250 (ron); TVA: 25.460 (ron); Total: 159.480 (ron)

CULTURAL: Eligible: 69.930 (ron); Non-eligible: 250 (ron); TVA: 13.330 (ron); Total: 83.510 (ron)

Implementation period: 4 years
Solicitant: Vinatori-Neamt Commune
Partnerships: “SFANTUL IOAN DE LA NEAMT- AGAPIA” Association
Founding source: 322 domain FEADR
This project has no public procurement notices.